5 Outdoor fun activities to do in Louisiana

Taking a vacation is always fun, especially if it’s to another state. Well, if you’re planning one and you’ve got Louisiana on your list, we can certainly see why. Although, tourist-wise, it is best known for Mardi Gras and the many music festivals that it hosts throughout the year, if you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities, it has plenty to offer in that vein too.

So, if you’re going to be traveling to Louisiana soon and you’d like a list of some fun outdoor activities that you can partake in, we have provided you with a list of five of our favorites below:

The Audubon Zoo. Something that is always a fun activity for people of all ages is the zoo and the Audubon Zoo certainly does not disappoint. Aside from the fact that it has plenty of animals to look at (some of which, you can even touch) and a carousel to ride, on the really hot days, you can also go to the “Cool Zoo”—a mini-water park that is located inside of it.

Atchafalaya National Heritage Area. If you’re someone who enjoys viewing cultural and historical sites, then the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area is just the place for you. It has vast food, music and language features and displays, plus can also partake in all kinds of outdoor activities including biking, fishing, hunting and even kayaking and canoeing. And if you want to stay overnight, there are designated spots where you can go camping too. (Atchafalaya.org)

Slidell Swamp Tours. Two things that Louisiana is known for is its great music and food. Oh, but there is one other thing that should go on the list: its swamps. If you’ve always wanted to see an alligator or even a bear in its natural habitat, then you’ve definitely got to take one of the Slidell Swamp Tours. It’s a two-hour boat ride that will be fun for the entire family. (CajunEncounters.com)

The Garden District. One of the most historic neighborhoods in New Orleans is the Garden District. Not only is it the place that features some of the biggest plantations of the 19th century, but if you’re curious to know about where a lot of celebrities in the area live, you can see some of their houses too. Also, if you happen to be someone who is curious about some of the cemeteries within the city, at the Garden District, you can even take a cemetery tour. (TourNewOrleans.com)

Magazine Street. And finally, no trip to Louisiana (and especially to New Orleans) would be complete without doing something that is actually totally free of charge: taking a stroll down Magazine Street. On Magazine Street, there is the Academy of Fine Arts and the National WW II Museum. There are plenty of places to dine including favorites like Lilette and Ignatius. And, there are also a lot of fun places to shop including Ah-ha, Art & Eyes and even stores that your kids will love including the Magic Box and Octavia Books. F

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