CRM for automotive industry: do you really need it? This will help you decide!

Firstly, you will have to get familiarized with the concept of CRM solutions. Of course, no matter the industry you are activating in, automating all the processes instead of doing them manually is essential. When owning any type of business, if you are not careful enough with handling all the activities and separating all the tasks properly, you are going to face some difficulties later. This is why a CRM system can be the one thing that really makes a difference.

First things first, you will need to understand what Customer Relationship Management means and how can it influence your company’s progress and profitability. Even though you may have heard in the past about using a CRM system, you surely don’t know enough about it in order to convince you implementing one for your own company. Well, in simpler words, a CRM solution genuinely delivers the expected results of a company in terms of sales growth, customer satisfaction, customer growth etc. Before implementing such a solution, you can notice how a business works from processes to organizing the data and the sales activity.

You will start figuring out the fact that a few employees cannot deal with all the information required for the business to work and handle its clients well enough. Deploying a client relationship management program requires certain conditions that need to be respected in order for it to function properly. Depending on the industry you own a business in, there will be specific requirements that surely need to be taken into account. For instance, using CRM for automotive industry can be extremely useful, given the thousands of customers whose information you need to store and remember separately. Here are a few facts about CRM solutions in the automotive industry and not only:

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When can you see the results?

CRM solutions guarantee maximum results in companies that define and pursue a sales strategy, even in its early stages. Such companies have the answers to the four essential questions:

  • Where do you have to get (sales targets)?
  • What do you have to do to get there (marketing activities – building databases, campaigns, events, sampling, activities sales, telephone, meeting, presentation, bid, negotiation, contract signing)?
  • What do you do to get there (the number of activities for each of them both at department level and at man level)?
  • What the steps and the ranges for measuring the effectiveness of the strategy are (activity order)?

Using a CRM for automotive industry requires constantly evaluating the existent sales strategy, optimizations and adjustments. CRM systems, through the real-time reports they provide, are a great tool for evaluating each sale strategy, but it is more beneficial that these verification mechanisms are being defined in the organization before the CRM solution is even implemented. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the way you are going to set up your sales objectives. Everyone knows how difficult is to sell cars and keep track of these sales, given their immense number. Starting from the actual sales objective and reaching up to the average sales cycle you can define, including your actual marketing situation, a company should know that in order to properly implement a CRM system, they have to know for sure what their status is at the moment. In the case of the automotive industry, there are large amounts of money that need to be properly handled so you shouldn’t risk doing that manually. The same goes with any other management software solutions. In an era of technology, you will have to step up your game and opt for CRM for automotive industry.

What benefits will you notice?

  • Qualitative reports and activity analysis

Most of the times, you won’t be able to read or understand the complicated reports your employees hand to you. In addition to that, how are you going to find all the needed information when it is required? Making your information easy to access and reports easy to read is one of the first steps towards being more productive. A CRM solution is a true gold mine for the sales and marketing sector, especially when talking about automotive.

  • Improved teamwork

Collaboration between employees is critical to any organization. Helping employees to make good use of the stored data is possible via using CRM for automotive industry. Without a unified data base confusions may intervene. Employees can waste time by dealing with the same customer longer than needed and this way you are also losing resources.

  • Increasing productivity

CRM is one of the solutions that would manage all the customer contact info, history, interactions, tasks and even agendas for past, present and future all in one single place. Increased productivity comes with accessing information easily. Not getting stuck in between details is tremendously important, especially when talking about expensive cars.

  • Automating workloads

In many situations, employees tend to be inefficient or mistaken when dealing with tasks they are performing strictly manually, from picking up paper data to typing in information in an app for producing an activity report. CRM automates a great deal of these tasks: sending notifications, lead alerts and opportunity alerts will be part of the whole experience. Filling in empty fields or generating an email marketing campaigns will be more convenient than you believe.

What vendor can you choose?

  • bpm’online

Bpm’online is a CRM software vendor that offers complete solutions for any problem you may encounter in your business journey. Bpm’online offers features like project management, forecasting sales, unified interfaces for lead management etc. The CRM program deals with almost all the troubling sides of the sales and marketing sector.

  • MetaTask

MetaTask is the perfect solution if you want to define your templates from scratch. Managing processes after your own requirements and needs is essential and you can now easily to that with the help of MetaTask’s CRM software. The user-friendly interface will come in handy whenever needed and you can also integrate it with other kinds of data storage web apps.

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