hotmail sign up login Process

Hotmail has been around much before any other email service came to be on the internet. It has always been free for use and that includes no pestering ads also popping up all over the page while the user is working. It is a part of MSN that is Microsoft Network Services, and like any other Microsoft product lives up to its ease of use and quick access. That takes care of what is Hotmail part.

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hotmail sign up login

Hotmail today is Outlook

Before proceeding to the issues of how to create new account, in Hotmail users/readers must know that Hotmail has changed its name to Outlook since 1996 with complete porting finishing in 2013. Naturally, a change is not affected just for name’s sake. The new service has added features like increased storage space, a new Calendar utility, Skype integration, and a few other aspects. One other distinguishing aspect of Hotmail which is now Outlook is that it supports some 36 regional languages including Hindi.

Sign up Hotmail steps

Step 1. To create an account in the Hotmail service, it is but natural to go to the parent web page of the service provider, which is However, users would find themselves landing on page. This is not to be confused by as has been mentioned above, Hotmail is now Outlook. Creating an account in Outlook means an account in Hotmail by default.

Connect here for outlook account

Step 2.  On the screen, there would be a well displayed button that indicates the signup relation. The other button just above this sign up Hotmail button is the sign in button which would be used for the future login process.

Step 3. The form to fill up comes up next. To start with the first and last name of the creator of the account needs to be filled up. And then comes a very critical step which is the username. This needs to be unique and yet something that would be easily recollected by the creator of the account. Another issue to be noted would be the option being given to creating the account under hotmail or Outlook domain.  Selecting a password which would remain secret and yet once again be easily remembered is also part of this step.  It needs to be eight characters by length. It also needs to have an upper or lower case and one special symbol.  The rest of the form requires some personal details like date of birth, the country where staying, zip code of specific area and gender of the individual. The last bit if this form is very important. The requirement of a phone number that the service provider could reach the user by in case of requirement to recover the account. Such situations do occur and mostly due to user end errors. Like forgetting the login id itself after a long period of nonusage.  The final step is to hit the button labeled “Create Account” and the account creation is done.

Some common issues during sign up process

With about quite close to an infinite number of recorded users of Hotmail or Outlook, the probability of system generated errors during sign up process is nil. Users would have missed out certain critical point which leads to the block on completing the sign up process. Some of the common issues that have been noted are as follows:-

  • The username is not unique. Even though the message is displayed on the screen in red letters, yet a new user does miss out the message and feels the email service is creating a problem.
  • The password is another place where users tend to forget all the rules necessary to create a correct password.

Porting Hotmail account to Outlook

As mentioned before, Outlook has some additional features included in it making it a more sought after email service. Users with a Hotmail account need not go through a process of creating a new Outlook log in, then transferring contacts and emails to the Outlook account.  To port using the upgrade process of Microsoft, the user must follow these steps:-

  • Make sure you have logged out of the account
  • Go to and log in using the Hotmail user id and password.
  • The page that shows up would have the message indicating that the upgrade process can be done if so desired. Hitting the “Continue” button would take the user on to the upgrade process.
  • After login out, a re-entry using the login id and password would take the user directly to Outlook email service.

Sign in process

After signup process has been completed, that is the account been created, to get back into the account is the sign in process.

  • Go to either or as the case may be.
  • Click on the “sign in” button
  • Use the log in id and password that was given during the account creation process.

Unable to sign in

There are chances where user may find placing the correct user id and password yet does not allow signing into Hotmail account. Some checks that can be carried out are enumerated below:-

  • Though the perception is that the correct login id and password have been typed it does need a re-check. A slow typing of the letter on the keyboard does help out to correct this error.
  • Times there could be the need to delete cookies that are yet resident on the system. Also removing all past records of login from history could resolve the issue.
  • Even if this fails, before contacting customer help, there is one way to change the password of Hotmail login and checking if the sign in process works.


There are but rare chances that user would face any difficulty in the sign up or sign in process for Hotmail. In the rare chance that such does happen, there are ample processes to contact the customer care at MSN. Help is prompt and the issues are resolved for sure. Even though the service is free , there is no compromise in the quality of help that is available.

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