How to boost traffic of your blog in 2019?

I have been running my blog for more than five years now, and honestly, there is no secret weapon that can help you to garner views on your blog or boost traffic instantaneously. Unless you are using paid campaigns.

Let’s face this that not all of us have that kind of budget that we spend in social creatives designs and paid campaigns simultaneously. Or buy some backlinks (which is now not an excellent practice to follow).

In this short blog on “how to boost traffic to your blog” in the year 2017, we will see some of the best practices shared by industry experts including MOZ and Neil Patel.

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how to boost your traffic in 2019Without wasting any time. Let’s get started.

1. Share more than once or twice or maybe thrice

It is an old saying on content marketing, “20% is the content generation and 80% is social sharing”. According to the Garrett Moon one of the blog published in KISSmetrics, most bloggers or website owners do not share their blog as much as they should have.

The strategy of “share one and forget” is not going to work anymore. Leverage the tools like Hootsuite to schedule the old posts and share them on social channels periodically.

2.Nourish the Hummingbird correctly

As we know Google implements the Hummingbird algorithm in the year 2013 that not just note the synonyms but also contextual meanings as well. Therefore, it is necessary to smartly add synonyms in the blog which is like feeding the right content to the algorithm, which in turn leads to the better search result rankings.

3. Bring Influencers on board

No matter how good are your hired freelance writers are or how good you write yourself. It is important to convince some subject matters expert to write for your blog. It is like guest blogging; the only difference is you will approach only the specialists to write.

For instance, if you are running a recipe blog then try to bring some renowned chef‘s recipe/opinion/tricks and tips in your blog published under his or her name only.

Subsequently, share that blog tagging that “influencer” or his website or blog further to reach a larges set of audience.

4. Repurpose your content

Only writing blogs is not sufficient these days. There is so much to read and learn over the internet including research reports and survey etc. that why someone will come and read a 600-1000 words blog.

It is the reason that you need to repurpose your content into other formats. I start with a survey, convert it into whitepaper or PDFs and sometimes into EBooks. At last, I end up creating the blog around the same topic.

So now you can see with one topic we have the opportunity to create so many variations of the content and keep the reader engaged, simultaneously expanding the audience base.

5. Tweet often and with right text

Most bloggers do not take Twitter seriously but let me tell you it is one of the best platforms after LinkedIn to grab some serious B2B audience.

But it is no easy to manage; you need to be smart enough to use “right string of words” while tweeting about a blog post or any other content.

These are top most strategies used by many top digital influencers and suggested by them to boost traffic on the blog. Even I am doing the same.

I hope you find them valuable as well if you have any questions or concern do leave your comment below and get the free consultation on boosting traffic on your blog.

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