How to create Gmail account & other famous Gmail sign in basics

Being one of the most secure and popular Email service providers, needs no introduction. With new fantastic features releasing every other day, Google is not only making it accessible for everyone but actively focusing on its security essentials.

To use the Gmail, you need to create a Gmail account.

For all those users who are not acquainted with Gmail account, it is your all-in-one account to use different Google products and services, including – YouTube, Gmail, Spreadsheets, Slides, Google Docs and Google Drive, etc.

If you carefully follow these steps, creating a Gmail account is not a perky task – you can easily create the Gmail account in less than a minute. Here is a complete step by step instructions to create a account:

How to Create Gmail Account

7 Easy Steps to Create Gmail Account

Step 1 – First open the Gmail website. It will take you to the login screen of the Gmail. Now, click on the “Create Account” option or click on the following URL:

Step 2– Enter the Basic Information

Write your “First Name” & “Last Name.”

Then, write your “Username,” which you desired to be your email address.

Step 3– Write down the password for your new Gmail account

Note – While writing the password your caps lock should be off. Try to make your password as secure as possible by inserting the special characters or numeric values.

Step 4– Fill the remaining information

Select your Birthday (Date/Month/Year), Gender (Male/Female/Other) and enter your valid mobile number that you want to use with your Gmail account.

If you already have an email address, mention the same in the box.

Step 5– Complete the Captcha and tick the box of “Privacy Policy” and “Terms & Conditions”.

Step 6– Click on “Next Step” tab

Once you complete the Gmail sign up form. It will redirect you to Google+ profile creation page. Otherwise, please correct the information as asked and again click on the “Next Step” tab.

Step 7 –Start using your account which is also known as the Google Account.

Now, you have successfully created the Gmail account. Click on the “Continue” option to start using your Gmail account. Send and receive all your emails, get Google products, important notifications and manage your Google account, and more, in one place.

How to Protect Your account?

Google is considered as one of the most secured Email service provider, today.  However, as a user, it is essential that we should take care of our account and prevent it against any possible information theft or hack.

Here are a few suggestions to protect your Gmail account:

–    Keep your password of “Strong Strength” by including the special characters and numeric values. Avoid using the date of birth, License numbers and contact numbers.

–    Enable the 2-Step Authentication feature. Access the following URL to get the complete information:

–    Avoid using the public internet connections to access your Gmail account as such Wi-Fi networks are more prone to hacking.

Hope you find the blog useful. If you have any questions and concerns regarding Gmail.comsign up and sign in features then leave your comments below, and we will provide you with a best possible solution within 24 hours.

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