How To Get Rid of Freckles

Freckles are a kind of black or brownish colored patches on the skin which are caused due to the exposure of skin to the sun. Scientifically, sun rays have three types of rays in it namely Ultraviolet rays, light rays and heat rays. While light and heat rays are very useful to us, ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are harmful to and are the main reason for freckles

– bleach the dark spots on your skin.

These freckles are not of any harm but if one is having freckles without any usual reason like exposure to sun then he/she should go and consult a doctor as unusual freckles can be a sign of skin cancer.

How To Get Rid of Freckles

How To Prevent Yourself From Having Freckles?

If you are prone to freckles then you can follow some preventive measure to help yourself tackle from freckles. Those preventive measures are:-

One should always use sunscreen lotion with special protection from UV rays so that they have no effect of it on them.

One can wear hats especially wide-brimmed so that they can cover their face when going outside.

One can wear full sleeve shirts and pants with shoes in the place of half sleeve shirts, caprices and sandal, and slippers so that they can cover most of their body and protect it from the sun.

One can avoid going out in the evening mostly between 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm as between these times the effect of all the rays of the sun is on its peak.

One should try to stay indoor on in shades under a tree, umbrella or any building if possible to avoid as much exposure to the sun as one can.

What To Do If You Have Got Freckles?

There are many cosmetic treatments available to cure freckles but they all are expensive but nothing to worry there are many home remedies available out there to help you cure freckles and some of those are:-

Sour milk will have lactic acid which can help one get rid of freckles.

Honey has enzymes which help to lighten the skin pigment so it can be a great aid to fade the freckles.

Lemon is known for its great bleaching properties so one can use it by rubbing it on the face or the area which have freckles and can get freckle free skin fast.

Note: It is highly advised that one should not expose the skin to the sun when the lemon juice is applied.

Onion has sulfur content due to which it has exfoliative properties in it. One can simply rub onion or apply its paste by grinding it, on the affected area.

These were some of the ways to prevent from getting freckles and curing them if you have them. Hope you liked it and do share this article with others.