Making Your Outdoor Living Space more Functional

Make the most of your available outdoor space by adding the right protection from the elements. You want the sunlight to filter through and warm the space, but you want to keep the rain out while still providing a shady area. With open sides and an attractive roof, you can start enjoying your patio throughout the year. Here are a few ways that you can add beauty to your home with patios.

A Free-Standing Structure

The outdoor living space doesn’t have to connect to your home. You can build a free-standing structure in the middle of your yard. With this open space, you’ll be able to relax and unwind after a long day. With open walls on all sides, you can take in the beautiful landscape around you in any kind of weather.

The Benefits of Connection

Another option is to connect the overhead structure to your home. An angled roof that meets up with the wall of your home creates additional shade for the living area and the walls of your home. In addition to enjoying a cool and comfortable outdoor area, you’ll also make the connecting interior rooms cooler.

Lights and Accents
A benefit of an overhead structure is that it gives you structural support for lights and other accents. You can install ceiling fans to help cool the area, or make it more elegant with delicate chandeliers. Hang curtains from the side to create additional shade, or consider hanging netting down to keep the biting insects away. 

Increasing Home Value
Making the outdoor living space of your home more attractive may help increase the value of your property. You’ll make it more impressive to friends and family, and potential homeowners will find the property more appealing when it’s time to sell the property.

Overhead Options
If you’re worried about the space feeling too dark or cavernous, you should note that there are several different options to consider. While solid roofs that create a great deal of shade are popular, you can also choose opaque finishes. These cut down on the glare and limit the UVA/UVB rays entering the living area without making it too dark. They’ll also keep you dry in the rain for the highest level of comfort.

When you’re dreaming of making your home more enjoyable, start by looking at the outdoor living space. The right overhead structure can provide you with shade and protection from storms so that you can start enjoying the space more. You’ll make a great impression on guests, and you just might increase the value of your property.

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