Using online marketing automation in just a few steps

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and new technologies that are designed for helping the marketing department and companies as a whole to work more efficiently across multiple online channels (including email, social media, website etc.) and automate all the processes included in this journey. Marketing department, part-time marketing consultants and full time employees – all benefit from the visible effects of using an online marketing automation platform. Interpreting, storing and executing processes with the help of such software can increase efficiency and potentially reduce human errors.

Initially focused on email automation, these software products were targeted at just a small sector of the whole marketing campaign. In time, it became more and more extended, finally reaching to cover a wide range of automation and analysis tools for market promotion, particularly inbound. Automation and marketing platforms are used or hosted as web solutions without the customer having to possess knowledge in this field of work. Automation and marketing platforms are used to increase sales efficiency by replacing manual processes with automated solutions.

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Vendors that offer such services

·     When looking for online marketing automation services, bpm’online is one of the companies that offer full support. Contact bpm’online company for more info regarding the products it is offering. This company takes marketing to a whole new level: the practice processes used for managing leads are different in terms of nurturing and sales hand-off. Besides handling processes in a different, more improved way, bpm’online gives its customers a new meaning to customer relationship. You will now be able to use email marketing options that can engage people more and will later result in better reviews and gaining clients’ loyalty. Plus, bpm’online has a very friendly interface so you won’t have any trouble in finding and using the tool you need.

InStream helps you take the better possible care of your customer relationships. Marketing is mostly based on the impression you leave to your clients and the most useful way to build a qualitative presence both physically and online is by maintaining a good, constant level of communication between the company and the customer. Respecting every customer’s requirement and need while managing conversations and feedback in a facile way without wasting any time is everyone’s who works in the business system goal. 

Online marketing automation is no longer something you should worry with the help of Insightly. This program helps you accelerate your sales, build better customer relationship, take advantage of every lead and deliver projects in time – all in a fast paced manner, efficiently and easy. With a user-friendly platform and many options to choose from, Insightly is perfect for people who can’t face all the tasks they have to manage each and every day. Automation should transform everything in an instant.

How do you know you need it?

There is a short list of facts that should make you inform yourself about using software for automation in marketing. Look for these and in case you find them an obstacle in your path, go for such products to help you out:

·        Generating leads without the team consuming too many resources (more than you can actually handle)

·        The sales team not being happy with the quality of the leads you are generating

·        Sending the same non-differentiated email to all the leads existent in the contact database

·         Getting enough information about leads, but not using it properly (no segmentation)

·         Not having personalized content for creating a presence online

What benefits will you experience?

For obtaining a complete automated marketing experience that shows actual results you will need to:

·       Clearly define what the ideal buyer profile is for your business

·       Clearly set up the information you need for a qualitative workflow

·       Segmenting leads and creating effective lead nurturing campaigns

·       Schedule workflows

The visible effect of such software consists of:

·       Retargeting, remarketing, customization, conversion and all the other existent marketing techniques without many resources

·       Customized communication (on-site and email)

·         Automatically sending newsletters to predefined user segments

·         Email retargeting for each customer sector

·         Helps you to gain the loyalty of existent customers

·         Helps you maximize profits and marketing campaign effects

·         Optimizing the sales process and increasing the conversion rate

Considering all of the above in addition to what you already knew about marketing strategies and campaigns, you have all the possible reasons for implementing a program that can help you keep track of all the data and grant you the opportunity to have every tool required in one single place. All the benefits of using marketing automation software will start being visible from the very first moment you experience working with the program. Plus, you don’t have to possess specific skills in this area in order to understand how it works. Give it a try and follow your progress.




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