Things to Know About Gyrotonic exercise

Fitness freaks are constantly on the lookout for new and fun ways of staying healthy and fit. Gyrotonic exercises have recently made their way into the fitness and exercise industry. Created by Juliu Horvath after years of intense research and self-discovery, these exercises promise people the same benefits offered by the other well-known and popular forms of exercising like dance, gymnastics, swimming, yoga, and Taichi. The underlying methodology of Gyrotonic exercise is establishing synchrony with the breathing patterns to promote both cardiovascular and aerobic stimulation. Research indicates that these collective stimulations rejuvenate the neuro-muscular system of the body.


This exercise modality is unique as it also helps strengthen the connective tissue surrounding the various joints in the body. The Gyrotonic exercise equipment includes an adjustable Pulley Tower that easily handles a wide array of strength levels for various body types. This professional grade piece of equipment eliminates the jarring effect that is pretty common right from the beginning of the exercise regime till the end in the conventional exercise equipment that makes people a lot more prone to workout-related injuries. Its principal components along with the handle unit offer the dual advantages of constant and even resistance. One of the salient features of Gyrotonic is its undulating and circular exercise motion that enhances the capacity of the spine to function. This kind of spherical movement is also responsible for better equilibrium. Apart from the Pulley Tower, there are a few additional pieces of specialized exercise equipment like the leg extension unit, jumping stretch board, the Archway and the Gyrotoner that are currently available in the market.

Popularly known as the Gyrotonic expansion system that combines a Gyrotonic workout with gyrokinesis, this routine includes movements that are very fluid and rhythmic in their execution. The inventor Horvath is a trained dancer and a ballet professional and his expertise in these areas is reflected in the routine. Correct breathing patterns replenish the body and promote higher energy reserves. They also help the body by aiding the cleansing and detoxification process. This mode of full-body toning and conditioning was created in the early 1980′s and is known to be on par with the immensely popular and effective Pilates exercise program that is based on standard linear movements. Gyrotonic exercises are not another strength training exercise fad. It strengthens the spine, enhances the muscle tone and promotes increased flexibility.

One of the most interesting aspects of this program is that many exercises are named after animals as they have been derived from the body movements observed in octopuses, monkeys and even cats. Though inaccessible to a majority of the mainstream public due to the costs associated with the program and the expensive equipment, this fun new exercise is an effective way to get in shape and feel good along the way.