Three Key Men’s Accessories

With men paying more attention to fashion than ever before – from pre-teens to baby boomers – designers have their work cut out for them keeping collections fresh and interesting. Whilst there’s lots that can be done with mainstream men’s fashion, one of the easiest ways to update your look is to spend a little on your accessories.

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Men’s Accessories

Of course, the first thing to do is make sure you’re happy and comfortable with the rest of your wardrobe. Good quality, well-fitting men’s jeans, trousers, shirts, knitwear, and men’s fleece jackets all make for a smart look, as do stylish shoes and coats. Get this right, and your accessories will be enhancing your style, rather than creating it. Once you are confident with the clothes you have, think about the ways you can mix and match your pieces and how you can add affordable accessories to complete the look.

Belts are a key part of many men’s wardrobes. Having two or three great-looking belts will help you to change your look in less than a minute. Have at least one smart belt that will work with suit trousers if you need it – black is usually best for this. Choose a buckle that is comfortable and that has a finish that won’t rub or scratch off. Plain leather or animal skin-effect belts are classically good-looking. For your downtime, you can choose from a wide range of funky buckles, colors and widths that help you to show off your fun side.

Although the days are gone when all men wore hats, there is a great range of headwear available for the fashion-conscious bloke. Baseball hats are a long-standing favorite for many men and come in plain styles, with emblems or logos or with specialist designs. Pull-on beanie hats, with or without a peak, are also popular because they are easy to wear and keep you warm. In recent years, trapper hats and Peruvian-style hats have become very popular for weekend or ski holiday wear, and there’s still room for the odd Fedora or Panama hat in the right situation.
And finally, sunglasses are a great accessory at any time of the year. Again, retailers have a huge choice, so there’s no excuse for not having a pair, or not choosing ones that suit you best. Always have a pair in the car so you can slip them on when the sun comes out, and have a good quality pair that you can wear on the beach, heading for some winter sun or on the slopes. An instant hit on the cool radar.

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