France is a magnificent country with really splendid cities. It is extremely difficult to narrow down the list to top 5 cities that you should see during your luxury holidays in France. However listed below the 5 must see cities in France.


You must visit Nancy during your holiday visit to France because unlike the cities in England this carries an air of self-esteem and refinement. Here you will come across captivating architecture and mesmerizing museums. Shops seem to have been designed for the window shopping. The city gives a classy look.


It is a must during a luxury holiday visit in France. For exploring Provence, there is just one choice where hotel can be booked in France. For Hotels booking, you can use discounts online for international travel. Avignon is a beautiful old city having captivating architecture and art. You start getting an impressive feeling from the approach itself. It is very well preserved ramparts of stones that circles the city and does not end till you arrive at famous bridge, Pond d’ Avignon, ancient fortress and Papal palace. But the maximum pleasure that you get is in people watching. The city is full of students and is almost like Paris where you can just sit and observe people move on.


It is a huge city where you have lot of things to do and the city appeals to all types of tastes to provide you full satisfaction. This is second largest city of France and possesses outstanding museums and art galleries, flourishing nightlife, incredible shopping and appealing foodie evenings out. Along with this fast pace life there is old historic town having lot of cultural significance and has been declared UNESCO heritage site. If you are looking for experimenting big city life beyond the capital during your visit to France, Lyon is the place which should not be missed.


It gives you the welcoming international feeling which makes you feel wanted and you would love to wander around the place happily. This is a cultural haven and is cosmopolitan. Here you get a feel of Europe from European Parliament to Franco-German TV network based there.  Besides this it has some magnificent museums and superb cafes and restaurants which would make your visit an event to remember. But you should ensure that accommodation is not needed when European Parliament is having its session.


Paris is always the first choice for luxury holidays in France. It has different things for different people. It has fabulous shopping places, amazing architecture, delectable restaurants and their superb food. It is the cultural epicenter of France. It also has many more landmarks and iconic buildings than entire country. All these factors make Paris the ideal city to visit during your luxury holidays while in France if you have not already done so.

Since France offers so many options, many people may not agree with my list. But one thing is certain that these places are certainly worth visiting. Keep these places in mind while planning your next luxury holiday visit to France and it will certainly be a memorable visit.

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