Water Activities You Should Try If You Are a Tourist in Australia

Living in Australia means having the opportunity to try different water sports activities aside from visiting the outback, going to epic parties, and seeing other natural scenic spots. Many Australians love the water and this is evident with the big crowds that you can see in any beach. As it is, certain water sports have gained so much popularity in the country. The passion of Aussies for water sports even grew bigger after the 2000 Sydney Olympics, after Australian swimmer James Thorpe bagged five Olympic medals, three gold and two silver. Incidentally, swimming is just one of the several water sports that have gained popularity in Australia.


water activities to do in australia

If you are after fun and extreme water sports, going to different parts of the country can be the answer to your adventure cravings. If you have your sports swimwear prepared and you are ready to get wet and have adrenaline rush, then you are ready to try a new water sport. The following are some of the most popular and emerging water sports and activities in Australia that you may find interesting:

Surfing – Australia is surrounded by water, and it is natural for its people to love the beach and the sea. Surfing is one of the most popular water activities in the country because it offers wide variety of surf spots. Simply put, if you want to ride the waves, you can easily do so by driving to the nearest surf spot and be one with nature. Some of the popular surf spots in the country include Snapper Rocks, Point Break, Northern Beaches, Crescent Head, North Coast, and Bells Beach. With the popularity of surfing and abundance of surf spots, the country is commonly flocked by tourists and foreign professional surfers. The country is also known for staging some of the biggest surfing tournaments and events in the world.

Water skiing – Another popular water activity in Australia is water skiing. This water activity is famous among Australians and foreign tourists looking for an adrenaline rush on water. The speed and the crashing of the waves can fix one’s craving for adrenaline. As long as you know how to balance yourself on board while being pulled by a motorboat, then you would have a great enjoyable time doing water skiing. This water activity can be a cheap thrill as long as you are renting all the equipment instead of buying them for personal use. If you want to enjoy the weekend, water skiing can be your top choice.

Scuba diving – Some of the most breath-taking and marvelous diving spots in the world can be found in the Australian waters. As it is, diving is becoming one of the more popular water activities in the country. Australia prides in its plethora of diving spots including Port Douglas, Lizard Island, Cairns, Coral Sea, The Yongala Wreck, Heron Island, Lady Elliot Island, Rottnest Island, Ningaloo Reef, and Whitsunday Islands. Because of the unique biodiversity in Australian waters, some of the diving spots in the country are the favorite destinations of foreign scuba divers.

Sailing – Australians are not new to sailing, in fact, this water sport is so big here that big corporations sponsor sailing teams. Sailing is one of the staple water recreational and professional activities in the country. This activity can be done by teams, by couples, or even alone. Since this sport is big in the country, it is not surprising that Australian sailing teams are consistent in bagging honors at Olympic sailing games. Since the Olympics included sailing in its roster of sports, Australia has bagged a total of 23 medals (10 gold, five silver, and eight bronze).

If you are planning to try a new water sport, just ready your sports swimwear, itinerary, some cash, and your mind and body. Any water sport can be enjoyable if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and when you put your one-hundred percent to it.

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