Window Treatments for Kitchens

One of the ways you can spruce up your home is by changing the appearance of your windows. You can design window treatments on your own without the help of a professional. If you are looking to make your own window treatments in the kitchen, please keep the following tips in mind which are explained in more detail on the Home DIY online.

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Since water is used a lot in the kitchen, chances are high that water will be constantly splashing against the windows. In addition, the room will be moist as a result of food steaming as it is being cooked. This requires that you get window treatments that are waterproof so that they are not affected by all this moisture.

It is also important that you use material that allows light to pass through well. The more natural light you can get in the kitchen, the better since it means that it will reduce the amount of artificial light that you have to use. It will also be easier for you to work in the kitchen since you will see well, plus your kitchen will be livelier, so you won’t mind spending a lot of time there. This makes bamboo window treatments the most ideal type of window treatment to use in the kitchen. They are also less costly and last for a long time.

When you are mounting a bamboo shade, tweak them, such that the valance found on each of them lies flat. If it gets stiff and a lot of the shade’s underside, is exposed, fix it by applying a little super glue right where the shade meets the valance. Press your hands firmly, so as to hold the shade in place to allow the glue to stick naturally.

Folding windows are also a good consideration for use in the kitchen. They are easy to open up thus; they make it possible for you to get a lot of suns and a good breeze. They also have very minimal frames. This makes them a good choice for contemporary and modern homes. You can paint the edges of the window, such that they blend well with the rest of the fixtures and furniture in the kitchen.

Wire mesh can be nailed on the window of the kitchen and sealed well with other multiple wire meshes. Since there can be a lot of smoke in the kitchen, the wire mesh has the advantage of allowing smoke to freely flow out of the window. A wooden edge can be mounted on the window, next to where it borders the walls. The wood is then nailed onto the wall to make it more stable. After this, the wire mesh is mounted on the wooden edges.

When nailing the wire mesh to wood, do not to use big nails as this may destroy the appearance of the wood. It is advisable carefully hammer the nails in so that the nails do not go through the wood into the wall. After the wire mesh is in place, the wooden edge can be painted to make the window blend in well with the rest of the kitchen.

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