Windows treatment tips

You don’t need a professional designer to select your window treatments; you don’t even need a keen eye for interior design. You just need to select window treatments that you’re happy with and that look good, and that’s possible as long as you avoid these six common mistakes.

window treatment tips

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Choosing Neutral Colors

People are often tempted to buy neutral-colored window treatments so they’ll match the room no matter what and can go with any combination of furniture and decor, especially if their house is for sale. This makes the room look boring. Choose window treatments that have color to them, whether it is a light, subtle color or a bright hue. Try to match a smaller detail in the room, like the pillows rather than the entire couch. This will brighten up the room and have more of an impact than bland colors.

Hanging Curtains that Don’t Touch the Ground

If you choose curtains for your window treatments, the curtains should be long enough to touch the ground. Curtains that are shorter than that make then entire wall seem cutoff and shorter than it really is. Curtains that reach the ground look finished and professional.

Choosing Unique or Trendy Patterns

Window treatments, especially curtains, come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Do not choose unique or trendy patterns that may go out of style or look dated in the future. Also, consider the overall look of the room. When choosing a bold pattern, makes sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of the decor elements. Your window treatment should not have such an audacious pattern or design that it becomes the focal point of the room.

Hanging Curtains Too Low or Too Narrowly

When hanging your curtains, they shouldn’t be mounted directly above or directly on top of the window molding. This gives the window a compacted look, and it misses the opportunity to make the entire room feel larger. Hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, and extend them beyond the width of the window. This will make the ceiling look taller and the window looks wider, and it creates a more dramatic and more fashionable look. Be sure to purchase curtains of the proper length.

Forgetting to Consider Lighting and Privacy

While window treatments serve as a great way to decorate the room, they also have more practical purposes: to block sunlight and create privacy. These functions should not be ignored in favor of style. Room-darkening blinds and curtains that block all sunlight should only be used in bedrooms. There are window treatments that can provide privacy while letting some sunlight in at the same time for your other rooms.

Not Selecting Any Window Treatments At All

If you think it’s easier to just forgo the window treatments altogether, you will end up with a room that looks (and is) very incomplete. Don’t just stick with the original, boring vertical blinds that came with the house, either. They do not make a house look like a home.